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e. Many U.S. people suffered from poor health.The rights of laborers at work were not effectively protected. On October 6, 2015, Al Jazeera America reported that about 40 percent of ▓private-sector workers, or 44 million people in America, d

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▓id not have access to paid sick leave. Large scale strikes in many industries were report▓ed. In February 2015, workers at nine oil refineries in Ca▓lifornia, Texas, Kentucky and Washington states carried o

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  • express the▓ir real will. The Christian Science Monitor▓ carri
  • ed a report on its website on December 13, 2015 th
  • at the two-party system forced the
  • voter▓s to take side. Most voters cast ballots for a party not b

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ut strikes, protesting onerous overtime, unsafe staffing levels and dangerous conditions (ameri▓, February 2, October 6, 2015). In April, the same year, fast food workers walked off the job in

230 cities, staging a strike aimed at a minimum▓ wage of 15 U.S. dollars. In November, they walked out in hu▓ndreds of cities for the same reason. About

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  • poverty in 2014. ( In Delaware, the percentage of people living below the federal▓ poverty line in 2014 was 12.5 percent, cree▓ping up from 11.7 percent in 2013. Nearly a quarter of residents of Wilmington, Delaware liv▓ed below the

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  • poverty line. The poverty rate for children was around 20 percent. U.S. people were ▓pessimistic about the prospects of social and economic instability. Seventy-nine percent of Americans believed it was more common for people to fall out of the mi

    mber 13, 2015). It was said
  • ddle class than▓ rise up to it (, June 9, November 23, 2015).There was a large food-insecure population in the United States. According ▓to a report published on the Guardian website o

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nt's State of the Union Ad dress for 2016 ▓that the prac
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